She Kinda Lives!

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Hey strangers! I didn’t die, though at times over the past few weeks, I’ve been certain I was close. I’m 12 weeks pregs and have been horribly nauseous for most of the past 7 weeks. Pretty awesome! So, I’ve been mostly off my computer, mostly curled up in the fetal position, mostly doing nothing but sleeping. My children have gotten to watch far too much TV, have gotten away with more than they should, have been living in a MESSY house, but hey…we’re all still breathing.

Things seems to be calming down slightly (she says, praying that she’s not jinxing herself horribly), and now I have the mornings and early afternoons with a mostly happy stomach. I’m getting some things done and I’ve resumed schoolin’. In fact, I’ve changed things up a bit, after learning about the Robinson Curriculum, and have adopted a lot of the principles of that plan. Not only do I really want my children to be independent learners, but they kind of need to be at times. Fi is only 2 and quite a handful and there’s another baby ¬†on the way. My oldest 2 aren’t often going to have my undivided attention, so they really need to learn to LEARN on their own.

We started this week, and things are going well. The first day was rough and there may have been some yelling. If I recall correctly, more cleaning-as-punishment happened than did school stuff, but I’m told character training is important, too. :) Attitudes have slowly improved throughout the week, which gives me hope. However, I’ve been so exhausted by Eli’s BOYNESS (ie. the act of being inherently male, constantly distracted, and fond of all things shiny) that I’ve been losing my mind, wondering how to help him concentrate. Copywork (a fairly short paragraph, should take 20-30 minutes, max) was taking upwards of 3 hours. THREE. It went something like this.

He’d write a single word and then say, “I need your help. I can’t remember where I am, oooh birds, hey mom do you remember that one time at King’s Island, oh hey what’s for dinner tonight, I’M NEVER GOING TO GET DONE WITH THIS WOOOOORK!!”

That, times a million. Exhausting. Happily, my hard-working, wonderful husband was home early yesterday and was hanging out on the deck with us, watching some of Eli’s struggle. He gave him a bit of a pep talk and then asked him to see how fast he could go, saying he would time Eli. Eli’s ears perked right up and he got down to business. He finished the second half of his work in roughly TEN minutes.

Lesson: If at all possible, find a way to let your boy compete. Even if it’s just against himself.

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  1. ant franny commented August 30, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Yay!!! Glad to see you back and very glad to know another mini you and Brian is waiting to make his/her entrance into our goofy family. You guys make great kids. I love you, nugget.

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